SciFiDevCon presents:

May the Fourth be with you: a 31 day virtual tech event during the month of May!

1-31 May Virtual
Who doesn't love development? Who doesn't love SciFi/Fantasy/Comics?
Who thinks combinations of the two are going to be even better?
Incredible Keynotes
Themed Sessions

About SciFiDevCon

Who doesn't love development (or solving business problems)? Who doesn't love SciFi/Fantasy/Comics? Who thinks combinations of these things are going to be even better? If you answer ME - then this is the virtual-con for you!

This conference is a dream of mine to satisfy our need to hear from others in the community and also another chance to give those who love speaking about what they know and have learned a place to keep doing it (and doing it well), even in these unprecedented times. While adding a sci-fi twist.

This unique event is a chance to hear about things other developers are doing and learn new or better ways to improve your daily workflow.

The best parts about this conference will be that not only will we be talking tech, but we'll be requiring all presenters to enhance talks with sci-fi/fantasy/comics/gaming, and anything else in what was traditionally called "geek/nerd" culture.

TL/DR. Stay home and avoid the con-crud. Learn cool stuff from industry and thought leaders. Embrace sci-fi/fantasy/culture in the process. Have a great 31-day event by the community for the community.

Why Join Us

  • Themed talks will make this event unique for Sci-Fi lovers
  • Choose the topics relevant to you
  • Free access to all content, all month long

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