SciFiDevCon 2020

29-31 July Virtual
Who doesn't love development? Who doesn't love SciFi?
Who thinks combinations of the two are going to be even better?

About SciFiDevCon

Who doesn't love development (or solving business problems)? Who doesn't love SciFi/Fantasy/Comics? Who thinks combinations of these things are going to be even better? If you answer ME - then this is the virtual-con for you!

Honestly, we're reeling from the loss of many of our favorite in-person conferences due to COVID-19. We all know the best conferences are the ones that have the best after-session mingling and networking. However, we still need to hear about what's going on in the developer community.

This conference is a gap-fill to satisfy our need to hear from others in the community and also another chance to give those who love speaking about what they know and have learned a place to keep doing it (and doing it well), even in these unprecedented times.

In addition to solving our itch for a good tech conference, this conference is a chance to hear about things other developers are doing and learn new or better ways to improve your daily workflow.

The best parts about this conference will be that not only will we be talking tech, but we'll be encouraging all presenters to enhance talks with sci-fi/fantasy/comics/gaming, and anything else in what was traditionally called geek/nerd culture.

We're also planning to put networking tools in place where people can talk and network around tech and comic-con-like topics.

TL/DR. Stay home and avoid the con-crud. Learn cool stuff from industry and thought leaders. Embrace sci-fi/fantasy/culture in the process. Have a great 3-day conference to gap-fill and scratch our conference itch until we can get our favorite in-person events back.

Why Join Us

  • Industry leading speakers
  • Topics relevant to you
  • Workshops are excellent training days
  • Meet developers from all over the world
  • Access to a free video course
  • Practical workshops to spend time learning concepts
  • We need to keep having tech conferences

Event Starts In:


Call for speakers is now open! SciFiDevCon Call for speakers
Speaker info coming soon...
James Doe
Senior Software Developer
Angular Core Team
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Sarah Doe
Developer Advocate
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Tim Doe
Software Developer
React Core Team
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Josh Doe
Founder & CTO
Startup Week
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Ling Doe
Software Architect
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Andy Doe
Senior Software Engineer
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Alice Doe
Senior Software Developer
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Thomas Doe
Lead Developer
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Workshop Ticket

Workshop ticket only provides access to any of the workshops on the day of event only.


Conference tickets provide access to day 2 and 3 of the event.

All Access Pass

All Access tickets give access to all three days of the event.

What's included?

  • 60+ talks from industry-leading speakers
  • Access to 10+ workshops
  • Free GIT video course
  • Connections to other sci-fi fans